Today we welcome Drag2Zero as one of the first members to join our community.

Drag2Zero was the first company in the UK to offer rider optimisation wind tunnel testing to the public in 2007. Since then they have provided technical and aerodynamic consultancy services to the cycle industry, pro tour teams and professional triathletes. They also design aerodynamically optimised cycle products under their own brand and for brands such as ENVE, Scott and Endura

With extensive knowledge of all things aero relating to cycling performance, a team led by industry leading aerodynamicist Simon Smart can aid with the development of innovative performance focused products.

While working as an aerodynamicist for Red Bull Racing, Simon Smart identified through his own participation in cycling that aero was the future for the cycle industry. In 2007 he left the world of motorsport to establish Drag2Zero, focussing on helping cyclists go faster through advising on their riding position and the products they use.

Simon has been recognised as one of the most influential people in the bike industry, being responsible for the design of a number of record breaking products as well as helping some of the highest performing pro athletes go faster.