3D scanning hardware developers Artec recently visited SSEH to see the various ways ourselves, TotalSim and Vorteq use their scanning technology. From complex objects to elite riders, Artec scanners play an important role in R&D at SSEH.

An Artec Leo Scanner scanning a rider on a bike.
3D scanning a rider using an Artec Leo at SSEH

The 3D scanning technology at SSEH is designed to quickly and accurately capture the geometry of any object for aerodynamic development, reverse engineering and for CFD. Furthermore, the refined process allows us to reduce the cost of capturing the geometry. Scanning a cyclist can take a matter of minutes which is made possible by Artec scanners.

See the Artec case study here and find out why and how SSEH and our tenants use scanning technology. Furthermore, see our website for more information about our 3D scanning services.

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