The development team here at SSEH have been working hard to progress the tools and services available to our customers.

The Sports Performance Wind Tunnel now has the ability to rotate wheels up to 55kph and can be utilised for test programmes where a pedalling rider is not present, such as mannequin, bike only or wheel only testing. Check out the video below to see this feature in action!


The feature is also complemented by our new  ‘dynamic yaw sweep’ test mode, where data can be recorded whilst a test specimen is subjected to a continuous yaw angle sweep. Yaw rate is determined by the user specifying the yaw angle range and sample time. This test method can be used in addition or as an alternative to our standard ‘static yaw sweep’ mode, where data is captured over a specified sample time at incremental static angles.

For further information on this or any of our services do not hesitate to get in touch at or 01327 222 830.