Friction within a chain contributes to energy loss and therefore reduces drivetrain efficiency.

Based on simple pendulum theory, the chain efficiency rig comprises of a swinging pendulum that rotates a chain around a chainring or sprocket. The energy lost to friction is removed from the pendulum’s velocity, causing its motion to decay. The pendulum’s decay can then be compared to a chain-less run to determine the frictional losses of the chain and thus its efficiency.

Utilising a swinging pendulum combined with knife edge bearings instead of a motor driven configuration with rotational bearings and couplings, keeps frictional losses and damping of the rig to a minimum and omits the effect of rotational inertia, all of which are critical factors when measuring the most marginal of differences between samples.

This rig will allow for testing of different chains, lubricants as well as chainrings and sprockets, to help optimise bicycle drivetrains.

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