Providing an independent,
private and affordable
R&D experience.

How it began

The Hub was created by the Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) experts TotalSim.  Through their extensive experience working with Team GB and other elite athletes, they discovered a need for affordable bespoke sports engineering tools.

They set about designing a bespoke sports wind tunnel with Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman and Sports Aero Solutions.

This snowballed into the creation of the hub, where engineers and sports scientists can help create a unique environment for innovation in the perfect location at Silverstone Park

How we aim to help

The goal of the hub is not to solve all your engineering problems, but provide an environment and the tools to facilitate innovation and product development related to sport.

We hope to provide an incubation hub for sports engineering located at Silverstone.

Silverstone Park

Silverstone Park is the perfect location for the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, creating a community of high tech innovative companies, within the motorsports valley.

Silverstone Park has already 70+ companies based at the site, with significant expansion plans to increase the facilities and community.

The central location and access to skilled personnel and suppliers, within the area, make it the ideal base for the Hub.

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