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At Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, our aim is to provide industry leading R&D facilities for the advancement of sports engineering and athlete development. SSEH offers impartial and confidential testing services, with customers ranging from elite athletes and teams to manufacturers from the sports performance market, covering a broad range of sports. As part of being impartial, we do not offer aerodynamic advice ourselves, however, have many of the leading performance consultants making regular use of our facilities.

If you would be interested in optimising your performance via the use of our facility, please find the list of consultants below who will be able to accommodate your enquiry:

We have been using wind tunnels to optimize cyclists since 2007 – working with thousands of athletes, both amateurs and professional, we know exactly how to get the most out of a session to help you find that aerodynamic / biomechanical sweet spot and be the fastest that you can.

We also use the wind tunnel to develop products and so our customers are able to tap into to our in depth product knowledge to assist in equipment choices.

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Vorteq Sports offers athletes the chance to assess and optimise their performance on the bike, looking both the biomechanics and aerodynamics aspects of getting you from A to B as quickly as possible.

By looking at the biomechanics and ergonomics of a bike position, we’re focusing on stability, comfort and effective power at the pedal. In the wind tunnel, we can work towards decreasing drag (CdA) without compromising these factors, so the athlete can be confident of going faster in training and competition.

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At AeroCoach we’re here to help you ride faster, for longer, with less effort.

We work with a range of riders from club cyclists to World Champions, Olympic Champions and Grand Tour Winners, offering aerodynamic test sessions for riders in wind tunnels and velodromes, as well as innovative and unique products such as our carbon tubeless AEOX® wheels and aerodynamic handlebar systems and accessories.


A data driven approach to optimisting performance by optimising the way in which available power is transformed into speed. With access to the SSEH state-of-the-art wind tunnel, a number of standard packages are offered or bespoke test programmes can be delivered. By using the wind tunnel out of normal commercial hours we can not only offer these services at very attractive rates, but also at times which are convenient to riders with jobs. Imagine a wind tunnel test session to determine your optimum helmet or speedsuit at a cost in the region of the price of the helmet or speedsuit? Thats where we want to be.

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Wind tunnel testing can be complemented with track based testing, using the wind tunnel to rapidly iterate to an optimum solution and an understanding of different trade-offs, and then track testing to embed those changes in race conditions.

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George Fox brings a wealth of experience from wind tunnel testing riders and products for a variety of different clients. Day to day George spends the majority of his time carrying out aero bikes fits for time trial and triathlon which means any aero testing is also done with biomechanical optimisation in mind. 

This approach of making informed decisions means that George is currently carrying out fits for industry-leading businesses in the bike fitting and cycling coaching sector.

I’m a former multiple national time-trial champion and record-holder, and I’ve raced at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games. I’ve been involved in aerodynamic research in cycling since 2008, first as a rider and now as a consultant.

I’ve worked with World Tour riders, Paralympic champions and national squads, for both track and road. I’ve been responsible for developing rider positions and equipment including the design of several time trial suits.

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I understand the need to tailor wind tunnel testing to a rider or team’s exact needs if they’re going to get the most out of it. Any testing starts with a discussion a week or two before a session to see what the rider or team want to gain from a session, and what their priorities are.

If they’re new to wind tunnels, it’s also a chance to explain what to expect and how to prepare themselves and their equipment to maximise the benefits of the session. And I’m happy to follow up afterwards to make sure that things are working in the real world.


The Bike tailor, I have drawn from my 12 years of experience to develop the ultimate immersive service, both with the wind tunnel and revolutionary products and equipment. Across all areas, you can have confidence that you and your bike are in the hands of experts who truly understand your performance needs from start to finish.

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Tony Corke is recognised by his peers to be one of the best bike fitters in the world, one of only four IBFI level 4 Bike fitters in the UK and on the leading edge of cycling optimisation internationally.

Tony is always pushing the boundaries of personal optimisation for individual cyclists and has tens of thousands of hours of top level cycling optimisation experience. Top bike fitters, coaches and physios travel from all over the world to attend his cycling optimisation master classes.

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After working extensively in the wind tunnel with with Pro Tour team aerodynamics experts Tony realised that all current aero services were not effectively screening riders for their optimal power output and hence often found lower drag positions that were unsustainable and ultimately slower! Tony now combines his extensive knowledge of finding an individuals optimal power output with the worlds best Aero testing facility at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub to deliver guaranteed speed and quicker times.

We believe there is little point in offering aero testing without first finding out what your body is capable of doing, we call this pre screening. A fast position is powerful and sustainable and aero.

All our aero  services start with three hours pre screening you. This allows us to considerably narrow down what is actually beneficial to test in the tunnel. This means we can then spend our precious time in the tunnel much more effectively and have the time to test the details, this includes the best skin suits, helmets and wheels from our large library.

We believe our approach allows for not only the absolute best quality outcomes in terms of speed/time savings but also the best value when compared to the cost of other Aero Services.

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Our senior coaches apply their extensive knowledge and experience of athlete bike position, cycling skills and race strategy to enable athletes to find a more aerodynamic position as well as something that is sustainable for the duration of their race.

Importantly, as our experience lies in triathlon, we look at practical solutions that unlock the fastest swim, bike and run time, not just the fastest bike. Our aim is to balance speed with comfort and power.The sessions are designed to be for two people to reduce the costs, but you can purchase the experience for one person.

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We can cover:

• Initial baseline position
• Aerodynamic improvements
• Product, clothing or equipment testing

We can also run the session in any way you want – if you want tunnel time to refine something: we can do it!

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Venturi Dynamics has worked with Olympic track cyclists, professional triathletes, and professional road teams to test, consult on, and maximise performance as a whole. Using our propietary software, V-DAP (Venturi Dynamics Analysis Platform), we take a practical approach and offer a one-stop place to analyse your data and apply it to specific courses and conditions to ensure pacing and performance are always optimised. We make sure that you’re looked after and your results are enhanced long after the initial testing process is conducted.

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The WattShop service is an all-inclusive package that tests all aspects of your performance, providing you with a multi-variable model to analyse, predict and improve your performance in your chosen event.


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