Fabric Wind Tunnel

Technical Specification

How does it work

Our Fabric or Small Wind Tunnel was designed from the ground up to create exceptionally repeatable results in a purpose built controlled environment.  It is the work horse of performance sport clothing, helping select fabrics based upon aerodynamic performance.

The test section is 500x500mm with adapted walls to reduce the blockage effects.  It is designed to take 100, 200 and 300mm cylinders, that span the entire width of the working section.

The top speed of the tunnel is 22m/s and allows fabrics, of all types, to be tested at speeds to match realistic Reynolds numbers and match actual speeds when required.

A custom force balance and acquisition system has been developed to meet the requirements for this kind of testing.



08:30 – 17:30

Standard Rate:£57.00/hr
Block Booking > 30hrs: £51.00/hr
SSEH Hub Tenant: £50.00/hr
Block Booking Tenants > 30hrs: £45.00/hr
Technician Rate: £54.00/hr
VAT to apply at the appropriate rate

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