Got a Question about Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub?

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about SSEHub.

From the North (M1/A43): On the A43 take the exit towards Stowe/ Dadford. At the top of the slip road take the left-hand lane and filter left. On the dual carriage way, stay in the right-hand lane as you approach the roundabout. (the entrance to the circuit will be on your left). At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Silverstone Park.

From the South (M40/A43): On the A43 take the A413 exit towards Stowe/ Dadford/Abthorpe. Continue on A413. Turn right onto Dadford Road A413. At the roundabout go straight over. On the dual carriage way, stay in the right-hand lane as you approach the roundabout. (the entrance to the circuit will be on your left). At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Silverstone Park.

There are a couple of unique features in the Sports Performance Wind Tunnel; The Cycling Simulator and Power Absorption Resistance Rollers:

The Cycling Simulator – The tunnel is equipped with state-of-the-art software enabling the rider to experience a real-life closed loop simulator experience. As the rider increases their cadence and in turn wheel speed, the wind speed increases. As the rider adopts a more aerodynamically efficient position the power required to maintain a speed reduces. This has been developed by our in-house software team and is therefore unique to SSEH.

Power Absorption Resistance Rollers – Alongside the simulator is also a resistance roller which absorbs power from the rider to give a more realistic feel to testing and enables the rider to experience different levels of resistance controlled by the engineer or technician depending on the type of testing required.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the tunnel also can be adjusted to any value within the full range of yaw angles and speeds, for testing various combinations of conditions, while the fan is running. Check out our Sports Performance Wind Tunnel page for further details.


As an organisation you will have access to cutting-edge R&D tools as part of a completely confidential, customisable experience. Whether you require industry-leading expertise and consultancy on a project or the freedom to perform your own independent research in a facility built specifically for sports engineering, the Hub is designed to cater for you needs.

As an individual there are many ways you can take advantage of the facility. There are lots of opportunities such as bike aerodynamic fit sessions and cycling consultancy with Drag2Zero, 3D scanning and CFD analysis with TotalSim, or even becoming the owner of a Vorteq skinsuit.

Links and descriptions for options are provided below:

TotalSim: Leaders in Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics.


Drag2Zero: Providing technical and aerodynamic consultancy services to the cycle industry.


Vorteq: Home to the world’s fastest skinsuit.


Bikes are mounted to stanchions in the test section by removing the standard wheel skewers or axles and replacing them with our specifically designed skewers and adapters. We have fixtures to suit a wide range of standard wheel and axles sizes.

As well as cycling, we can accommodate winter sports such as skiing, bobsleigh and skeleton. We have also tested non-sporting related items in the wind tunnel. If you have an unusual test specimen get in touch on 01327 222830 and we will work towards a solution to enable the mounting of your test specimen in our tunnel.

Yes! We can test products in both our Sports Performance Wind Tunnel and Fabric Tunnel for you, returning them with the full test data. Items can be shipped to our address at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, Silverstone Park, Unit 1129, Buckingham Road, Silverstone, Towcester, NN12 8FU. Please also include your own name/company on the package.

Yes, we place no restrictions on where photos and videos taken in the tunnel can be used, so long as SSEH branding is not covered up or edited out. If used on social media, we always appreciate being tagged in posts! @SSEHub

Yes, we have both male and female changing facilities which both include a shower and toilets.

Our minimum booking duration is 4hrs, all bookings come with 30mins free setting up time. The length of session required will be different for everyone and depends on how much testing you intend to undertake. Call us on 01327 222830 to discuss your plans with us and we can advise how much time you will need.

Our prep room is a space dedicated to athlete and team preparation. A corner of the room can be sectioned off using the curtain allowing athletes to change clothing without needing to go to the changing rooms. The large glass window allows team personnel to monitor testing with live data viewable on the TV screen in the prep room. See photos.


We also have workshop space with a workbench and bike stands to prepare equipment whilst testing in the tunnel is in progress.

Our tunnel software uses edge outlines which are projected onto the floor in front of the rider, allowing them to maintain a consistent and repeatable position throughout testing or purposely alter their position in respect to a previous one. See image below.

Our turntable can rotate from +30° to -30° yaw, replicating crosswinds.

No, we can test equipment or components without a rider, we can also provide a static mannequin to simulate a rider for the purpose of equipment or clothing testing. We can also arrange for your own mannequin to be manufacturer, taken from a scan of a rider or athlete on a specific bike or equipment.

Where can I stay locally?

You may be travelling to the Hub and require accommodation over a period of testing. Silverstone and the surrounding area have many places to stay:

Whittlebury Park: “Modest rooms and suites, plus 4 eateries, a luxe spa, a historic golf course and free hot breakfast. This functional resort hotel is adjacent to the Whittlebury Park golf centre and 3.8 miles from Silverstone Circuit.”


Silverstone Golf Club & Hotel: “Set in a low-rise building on a golf course surrounded by a forest, this tranquil, warm hotel is a mile from the A43 road and 2 miles from motor races at the Silverstone Circuit.”


Travelodge Towcester Silverstone: “Unassuming budget hotel offering straightforward rooms with custom-designed beds, plus free parking. The hotel is just 5 miles from the Silverstone Circuit motor racing site.”