Welcome to the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub

Providing facilities, space and a community
to enable sports engineering to prosper.

Maximising Performance

The hub provides the facilities and networking
to allow you to focus upon performance.

Sports Performance Wind Tunnel

Fabric Wind Tunnel

Offices for Rent

Workshop space for Rent

Providing an independent,
private and affordable
R&D experience
to the sports engineering community

Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub offers a range of Wind Tunnels, test rigs, offices and workshops aimed at the Sports Engineering Industry. Bringing together some of the industries leading companies into one community, offering unique opportunities for collaboration and state of the art R&D.

Why Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub?

Large Wind Tunnel

An open jet, open return wind tunnel designed specifically for the sports market making intensive aerodynamic study available for athletes, teams and coaches in a cost effective manner.

Fabric Wind Tunnel

A small wind tunnel designed specifically for the aerodynamic development of sports suit fabrics.

Performance Lab

A state of the art bike fitting studio, providing access to industry leading equipment.

Cycling Test Lab

The cycling test lab consits of three mechanical test rigs for testing components in isolation. The list of services include a rolling resistance rig, stiffness rig and chain efficiency rig.

Pedalling Efficiency Rig

The Pedalling Efficiency Rig (PER) acts as a bicycle dynomometer to measure rider input power and compare this with output power at the roller surface in a controlled environment to determine the mechanical losses of a bicycle and thus its efficiency.

Offices to rent

Offices available for rent from 50 sqm to 150 sqm, with options for different lease lengths all including meeting room and social area access.

Workshop to rent

A number of workshops are available for rent from 70 sqm to 110sqm, with options for different lease lengths all including meeting room and social area access.

The Hub community

Renting an office or workshop here is about more than just a workplace. Being part of the Hub Community gives you discounts on the use of our R&D facilities and opportunities to network with other like minded Sports Engineering focussed businesses within the Hub Community.

Fully Customisable Experience

The Hub is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways; rent some of the tools or tunnels, hire space for your R&D team or just a central place for meetings.  Whatever your requirements the hub can help.

Private and Impartial

It is essential that the tools are impartial and private.  All effort has been made to ensure that you get to use the facilities in this manner.  The tools are run by impartial staff or can be operated by yourselves.


As the facilities and tunnels are specifically designed for sport, it has helped us keep costs to a minimum, allowing our rates to the hub members to be reduced significantly.

Accessible Location

The hub is located just outside the Silverstone Circuit, within Silverstone Park. It has excellent transport links.

Our News

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Get involved with the Hub

The hub and its facilities are flexible.

We want to get like-minded people in one location. If you are involved in sports engineering, then the Hub has the facilities, personnel and community to help your team, company or individual succeed.