Pedalling Efficiency Rig

Mechanical Efficiency Optimisation


The Pedalling Efficiency Rig (PER) will act as a bicycle dynamometer to measure rider input power and compare this with output power at the roller surface in a controlled environment, to determine the mechanical losses of a bicycle and thus its efficiency, more accurately than other methods currently in use.

Rolling resistance, component stiffness and chain friction can be measured in isolation with our smaller mechanical test rigs, however the PER has been designed to measure efficiency of the dynamic system as a whole and how all components interact with each other to transmit rider power into forward motion.

Rider input power will be measured at the pedals via a bespoke system to isolate LH and RH inputs and provide radial and tangential forces, enabling force vectors through crank rotation to be plotted.

The bicycle will initially be mounted via the front forks using bespoke mounting fixtures, enabling the bike to pivot and roll. The rear wheel will be in contact with a 2m diameter roller with interchangeable surfaces.

Whilst riding on the PER, the bike will generate its own resistance and losses through the tyres, drivetrain, bearings, however there will be no aerodynamic drag for the bike and rider to overcome. To compensate for this, aerodynamic resistance is applied to the roller via electromagnetic resistance brakes, based upon wheel speed and a drag-velocity profile of a rider of a given CdA, taken from Wind Tunnel data.



What are the advantages of the SSEH Pedalling Efficiency Rig?

  • Cutting-edge R&D tools as part of a completely confidential, customisable experience.
  • Repeatable, accessible and affordable testing.
  • Interchangeable surfaces – Velodrome wood, Road & Cobbles.
  • Resistance representative of real world riding for a given speed and gradient, based on the riders aerodynamic drag-velocity profile and total mass.
  • Evaluation of pedalling technique and its influence on power transmission and efficiency.



08:30 – 17:30

Premium Power Data (100hz logging frequency) Rate: £134.00/hr
Premium Power Data (100hz logging frequency) Block Booking >30hrs Rate: £121.00/hr
Ant+/ Customer’s Own Power Meter Rate: £103.00/hr
Ant+/ Customer’s Own Power Meter Block Booking >30hrs Rate: £93.00/hr
Technician Rate: £54.00/hr
VAT to apply at the appropriate rate

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