Performance Lab

Performance Optimisation


The SSEH Performance Lab has been designed to provide customers with market leading bike fit technology and equipment, ensuring you have all the resources required to enhance your client’s experience.

When used in conjunction with our Sports Performance Wind Tunnel (SPWT), SSEH are offering a service like nowhere else; providing all the tools required to optimise both aerodynamic and biomechanical rider efficiency. As a result, we believe SSEH has created the perfect solution to help your client’s reach their full potential and performance goals.



How can the Performance Lab benefit businesses?

  • Enhanced client experience – full optimisation of both rider aerodynamics and biomechanics in one location.
  • Access to market leading bike fit equipment and technology e.g. Saddle pressure mapping, Pedalling efficiency, Custom insoles, Motion capture software.
  • Cost effective pricing structure.
  • Access to all SSEH facilities (at the appropriate hourly rate) – Sports Performance Wind Tunnel, Cycling Test Lab and Equipment Room.
  • Access to industry leading consultancy services.
  • Modern and contemporary facilities.

Equipment List

  • Wattbike and Direct Drive trainer – fully adjustable to both Road and TT/ Triathlon set ups. Pedalling efficiency capability.
  • Bioracer motion capture system.
  • Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping.
  • Sidas custom footbed machine.
  • Stand alone camera system for use with third party analysis software.
  • Bike measurement jig.
  • Full range of handlebars, stems, extensions, varying crank lengths and saddles.
  • Adjustable laser levels.
  • Full selection of tools.
  • Physio table and supporting equipment.



08:30 – 17:30

Half Day Rate: £173.00
Full Day Rate: £289.00
Hourly Rate: £48.00/hr


VAT to apply at the appropriate rate

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