Sports Performance Wind Tunnel

Technical Specification

How does it work

Air is drawn into the tunnel aperture by the fan at the rear. As air moves through the tunnel, it first passes through a series of screens to smooth the flow and reduce turbulence. As the tunnel narrows, it accelerates the airflow to the desired test speed and helps to further control turbulence. The athlete is positioned in the test section, at the centre of the flow on a force measurement rig called the ergo. The ergo can also be rotated (“yawed”) to reproduce crosswinds. By using an open-jet configuration, the air can spread around the athlete and replicate real-world conditions.

The flow then passes through the fan, which drives the entire system. The final element of the wind tunnel is the diffuser. This section slows the air speed down to allow the air to recirculate in the building and reduce running costs.

Data Acquisition and User Interface

The SSEH Performance Wind Tunnel is equipped with a bespoke data acquisition system and user interface. In addition to capturing drag data, the system also gathers sport-specific measurements (like cadence in cycling) and athlete position imaging.

The user interface includes a data and image projection for the athlete in the wind tunnel and data screens for the tunnel operator and coach. The system is designed to make any areas of improvement easy to identify in order to maximise the value of each tunnel session. These systems can also be completely customised to fit your needs.

Technical Specification – Cycling

Configuration: Open-jet, open-return
Contraction Ratio: 5.8 : 1
Yaw Angle: +30o to -30o
Fan Diameter: 2.5m
Max. Wind Speed: 28 m/s (or approx. 60mph)
Max. Fan RPM: 500RPM
Wind Tunnel Length: 27.1m
Wind Tunnel Height (max): 8.6m

The Sports Performance Wind Tunnel, is manufactured and supplied by

Sports Aero Solutions Ltd



08:30 – 17:30

Standard  Rate: £300.00/hr
Block Booking > 30hrs: £270.00/hr
SSEH Hub Tenant: £262.00/hr
Block Booking Tenants > 30hrs: £236.00/hr
Technician Rate: £54.00/hr

Evenings & Weekends

Evenings: 18:00 – 22:00

Weekends: 08:00 – 22:00

Standard Rate: £212.00/hr
Block Booking > 30hrs: £190.00/hr
SSEH Hub Tenant: £186.00/hr
Block Booking Tenants > 30hrs: £168.00/ hr
Technician Rate: £79.00/hr
VAT to apply at the appropriate rate

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